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A Roses and Rosé Watercolor Workshop, Girls Night In with Sivan Ayla!

Watercolor Workshops, Watercolor and WineKimberly HeimbachComment
" I absolutely loved my personalized watercolor workshop with Kim! She had such fun suggestions and ideas that spoke to me and were extremely Instagramable. I look forward to my next workshop with LadyFolk Studio! " -SIvan Ayla

Last Friday night (cue Katy Perry song)...We sipped Rosé and painted pretty roses with Sivan Ayla and friends!

Thank you to blogger Sivan Ayla for having me over for girls night in at her picture perfect abode in Los Angeles. Sivan had the Rosé Miraval chilled and ready to go when I arrived. Also setup was a beautiful spread of food dubbed "girl food" including my personal fave with a glass of wine, a charcuterie and cheese plate. 

I setup the workshop on Sivan's dining room table for the 9 guests that would soon arrive.  The seating was easy to arrange with the custom watercolor place cards and wine cork holders I handmade for each of Sivan's guests. Creating a beautiful scene is part of my enjoyment of hosting workshops, it's all about the details! The watercolor name cards are just part of the special art Sivan's friends got to take home after the workshop that evening.

Each of my private watercolor workshops is completely custom to your needs. For Sivan, the Roses and Rosé was the perfect way to enjoy the abundance of pretty pink Miraval Rosé wine she had at home. It was girls night in, but you can also have me over to host a watercolor workshop for a baby shower, date night, dinner party, birthday, bridal shower, kids birthday or bachelorette party! The possibilities are endless with creativity, so please don't hesitate to reach out with your watercolor party idea.

I created the mood board you see above specifically for Sivan Ayla's workshop to show different ways of watercolor painting simple roses and how you can complete a beautiful painting in just two hours. We covered the basics of color mixing, wet into wet techniques and how to hold your brush to get the perfect petals and leafs. I think all the paintings turned out beautiful but you can scroll down and see for yourself! You can also purchase a print of the Rosé wine bottles in the shop.

"The workshop was the perfect way to spend a Friday night with girlfriends doing something creative together. I haven't used a paintbrush in years and forgot how much I love to paint, and how easy it is! I loved seeing everyone's interpretation of roses, made a little sillier with a glass of rosé" -Sophie Elkus

Look how cute all of Sivan and friends rose paintings came out! I always recommend taking a class photo at the end of my watercolor workshop to capture all those beautiful paintings and memories from the night! If you are interested in private watercolor workshop contact me here.

You can purchase art inspired by the Roses and Rosé workshop with Sivan below!