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Thanksgiving Watercolor Art for your desktop!

Watercolor WallpapersKimberly HeimbachComment

Happy Thanksgiving week!

What are your plans? What are you thankful for? I am headed to my parents ranch in Redlands for Thanksgiving lunch, yes we do lunch not dinner. I am so thankful I get to spend time at my parents beautiful house with my family and friends (and animals!).

The Holiday season can be such a busy time. Mostly spent on others, both financially and socially but let's not forget ourselves! This is your little reminder for your desktop...


So these next couple days before thanksgiving I am focusing on wrapping up some projects and student grading, so I can fully relax and enjoy this time with my family. I think my future self will thank me : )

To download the watercolor desktop art, simply click the image above to enlarge and save to your desktop. Then enjoy the watercolor art as your desktop background!

 I will be posting new watercolor desktop art in December, subscribe to my "In the Studio" weekly email to be updated!

Freebie! Rose Watercolor Desktop Background Art

Watercolor WallpapersKimberly HeimbachComment

To wrap up the theme of Roses and Rosé I decided to take some of my watercolor roses and design a freebie watercolor desktop art for you all!

Click the image above to download and save to your desktop.

I would love to see how you style your desk or laptop, take a photo and tag @ladyfolkstudio showing the desktop art on your computer to get a special discount in the shop.

Also, incase you missed it last week, their is a new Yes Way Rosé print in the shop and whole new section dedicated to weddings!

Watercolor Desktop Wallpaper Art, fun freebie!

Art, Watercolor WallpapersKimberly Heimbach2 Comments

May is here and I believe it is going to May-gical! 

I was inspired for this little series by daydreaming of the upcoming summer months and trips to the desert. A little post-Coachella nostalgia if you will. Blooming cacti, watercolor washes reminiscent of a sunset and pink pineapples, because why not?

This May I have a few inspiring plans including a trip to the Arizona desert to see Sedona for the first time and filling up a new travel watercolor sketchbook with on location plein air painting.

What are your plans for May? I would love to hear in the comments.

Click to enlarge each watercolor art and save them as your desktop background for your laptop, iPhone, or iPad. Maybe a different watercolor background for each device? Take your pick from the four I created and let me know in the comments which watercolor art you decided to download for your desktop. I am curious what you want to see more of? Leave any tips and I will try to paint it for the next watercolor desktop art freebie on the blog.

See magic! I'm sure your desktop is looking prettier now!

Please share which one you downloaded in the comments and your creative plans for May!

Stay inspired babes xo Kimberly