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July Watercolor Desktop Art

desktop artKimberly HeimbachComment

Happy July! I’m ready for all things summer…beach days, bonfires, watermelon, pool days. What is your favorite thing about summer? Tell me in the comments.

Here at Ladyfolk Studio I have a few events coming up this month that are open to the public, that means you! Join me for live fashion illustrations with your date or BFF at DateNight Vip events in Los Angeles. Want to learn how to paint palms with watercolor yourself? Join me for the next Watercolor and Wine workshop, “Painting Palms” in Laguna Beach. This will be my last public workshop before my maternity leave, which will be roughly September-early December.

Download and save the image below as your desktop background! XO Kimberly


August Free Desktop Background!

Watercolor Wallpapers, desktop artKimberly HeimbachComment
Ladyfolk Studio Laguna Beach, CA watercolor art and workshops

Happy August 1st ladyfolk!

Let's keep the happy vibes of summer going with this colorful watercolor desktop art I created for you to enjoy. I was inspired to create this desktop art after being enthralled in the brightly saturated colors of the summer foilage around Laguna Beach.

Simply click the image below to enlarge and save to your desktop, then right click to set as your desktop background. I would love it if you shared in an instagram post or story your desktop once you update. Show me the space you are working from! See my photo above for inspiration.

*artwork copyright © Kimberly Heimbach 2018, please do not duplicate or recreate anything with this artwork, thank you!


I clothespinned the original painting I did on my macrame wall hanging, do you like that idea?

Let me know in the comments!

Ladyfolk Studio Laguna Beach, CA watercolor art and workshops

Watercolor Desktop Wallpaper Art, fun freebie!

Art, Watercolor WallpapersKimberly Heimbach2 Comments

May is here and I believe it is going to May-gical! 

I was inspired for this little series by daydreaming of the upcoming summer months and trips to the desert. A little post-Coachella nostalgia if you will. Blooming cacti, watercolor washes reminiscent of a sunset and pink pineapples, because why not?

This May I have a few inspiring plans including a trip to the Arizona desert to see Sedona for the first time and filling up a new travel watercolor sketchbook with on location plein air painting.

What are your plans for May? I would love to hear in the comments.

Click to enlarge each watercolor art and save them as your desktop background for your laptop, iPhone, or iPad. Maybe a different watercolor background for each device? Take your pick from the four I created and let me know in the comments which watercolor art you decided to download for your desktop. I am curious what you want to see more of? Leave any tips and I will try to paint it for the next watercolor desktop art freebie on the blog.

See magic! I'm sure your desktop is looking prettier now!

Please share which one you downloaded in the comments and your creative plans for May!

Stay inspired babes xo Kimberly

Freebie! April Watercolor Desktop Background

ArtKimberly HeimbachComment

Happy April! My motto this month and pretty much every month...

Find beauty in the everyday.

Download the new desktop background inspiration for April by clicking and saving the image above. Make an effort every day this month to find something beautiful. It can be as simple as a flower blooming, making a handmade card or a hike to a view.

This month I will be introducing my new brand Ladyfolk Studio and sharing something beautiful with you every week. This week I will be sharing my bridal shower at the gorgeous The Ranch in Laguna Beach, a how-to guide for hanging an eclectic gallery wall in your space and on Friday weekend rituals you should indulge in. 

Share your pics on how you find beauty in the everyday on instagram and tag @ladyfolkstudio I would love to see what you find!