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Very Ladyfolk Halloween Costume Ideas

InspirationKimberly HeimbachComment

Who here LOVES Halloween?!!

I DO! It’s such a creative holiday when we are required to call upon our imagination, in particular to think of the best. costume. ever!

I am still brainstorming my Halloween costume but thought I would share some inspiration I had. Above is the fashion sketch I did of some costume ideas for besties and below I put together costumes based on my sketch. Everything for these costumes is from Amazon so if you are in a pinch at the last minute I am all about that prime two day shipping! (All shopping links are below)


Outfit details are below, keep in mind you can always add a jacket and tights if it’s chilly!

Ladylike Pig

pig hat, pink dress, pink pointy toe ballet flats, pig tail

Sporty Panda

panda hat, baseball tee dress, vans shoes, black tail

Sexy Bunny

bunny hat, white dress, heels, bunny tail

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Cheers witches, Happy Halloween!

In the StudioKimberly HeimbachComment

Cheers witches, Happy Halloween!

What fun plans do you have? What are you dressing up as? This year I am keeping Halloween low key with my husband at home. My plans are to make a delicious stew, carve pumpkins, roast pumpkin seeds and watch a semi-scary movie all while wearing my lace cat ears.

Magical unicorn costume inspiration I painted below inspired by StyledbyKasey.