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Getting Inspired with Roses and Rosé

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Getting Inspired with Roses and Rosé, Ladyfolk Studio Watercolor and Wine Workshop Laguna Beach

It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon when we gathered in the garden at Soul Project in Laguna Beach. The mission, get creative with watercolor painting roses and sipping a variety of Rosé wine. Fleur de Sel cookies were the perfect accompaniment to it all thanks to Summer’s Table. Scroll down to see more of the creative process and how we were all inspired.

Roses and Rosé Watercolor workshop with Ladyfolk Studio, Laguna Beach

We started this Watercolor and Wine workshop with what I like to call warm-up exercises. Each element of painting the rose was broken down into to simple steps. I always like to give my attendees a couple ways of completing a painting. With the roses there was three techniques and they could pick which ever one they felt most confident and comfortable with to compete their final rose painting. After going over materials, use of color and rose techniques we went over a few basic ways to paint leafs as well. You can see my clipboard below with the instructional warm-up pages and what follows is the attendees work in progress. You can already see how quickly they picked up on painting from my simple step by step instructions.

“When things are simplified it makes it a lot easier to get creative with something new.”

-Kimberly Heimbach

Getting Inspired with Roses and Rosé, Ladyfolk Studio Watercolor and Wine Workshop Laguna Beach
Roses and Rosé Watercolor workshop with Ladyfolk Studio, Laguna Beach

I love the warm-up exercises to get everyone started on their creative journey for the workshop. One is able to discover how to hold the brush and get just the right ratio of paint to water. I always say the key word in ‘watercolor” is “water.” For my workshops we use watercolor cakes so the paint is dry to begin and you really need to add water to get the pigment to flow onto the page. This is why the warm-up exercises are so important to discover this. Once the technique is established the painting process quickly turns from figuring it out to a more meditative state where attendees are able to just flow with the organic nature of watercolor. Repetitive shapes and motions ease the mind into a tranquil state.

“Art washes away from the soul the dust of the everyday”

-Pablo PIcasso

Getting Inspired with Roses and Rosé, Ladyfolk Studio Watercolor and Wine Workshop Laguna Beach
Getting Inspired with Roses and Rosé, Ladyfolk Studio Watercolor and Wine Workshop Laguna Beach

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The Perfect Brunch Date in LA

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I love when things are planned out and this date experience is everything a girl could hope for. Brunch bites, wine tasting with a sommelier, rooftop deck with a view and custom watercolor portraits (by yours truly) of you and your date!

It has been so fun partnering with DateNightVIP for their brunch date experiences. It’s very bachelor-esque, if you watch the show you know what I mean. This date will leave you with all the feels.

When you arrive, you and your date will pick up a glass of sparkling rosé as you're escorted to our terrace with a beautiful view where I will paint a custom watercolor portrait for you to take home. This can be a fun surprise for your date!


There is a classic games table and DateNight conversation cards to get the most of your experience. While illustrating the guests I overheard how much they were loving the questions on the cards!

Enjoy the view as a Nocking Point sommelier will comes by and pours table-side tastings of their lighter varietals for you as you relax with your date. Bonus, at the end of the date you get to take home some goodies including a bottle of Nocking Point wine!


There is still spots available for the upcoming DatNightVIP “Wine and Watercolor Portraits” brunch. Check out the dates and times here and let me know if I will see you there!

P.S. If you want to hear more about DatNightVIP you can hear it from one of the founders, Ashton Kutcher!

July Watercolor Desktop Art

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Happy July! I’m ready for all things summer…beach days, bonfires, watermelon, pool days. What is your favorite thing about summer? Tell me in the comments.

Here at Ladyfolk Studio I have a few events coming up this month that are open to the public, that means you! Join me for live fashion illustrations with your date or BFF at DateNight Vip events in Los Angeles. Want to learn how to paint palms with watercolor yourself? Join me for the next Watercolor and Wine workshop, “Painting Palms” in Laguna Beach. This will be my last public workshop before my maternity leave, which will be roughly September-early December.

Download and save the image below as your desktop background! XO Kimberly


December Watercolor Desktop Art from Ladyfolk Studio

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Happy December ladyfolk!

This year has just flown by. I am so looking forward to enjoying and creating lots of holiday cheer this month with you all! Starting with this cheerful free desktop art I made for you. Simply click the image above to enlarge and download this December calendar with my hand-painted watercolor wreath as your desktop or iPhone background. Please share and leave me a comment or post on instagram so I can see who dressed their tech with it!

I am kicking off the month with two watercolor workshops, one at The Soul Project in Laguna Beach December 6th during artwalk and one Saturday December 8th at Crystal Rose on Balboa Island in Newport Beach. There is still just two spots left for each if you want to join, sign-up now.

Ladyfolk Studio Watercolor and Wine holiday Card workshop in Laguna Beach, CA

I also made you a version for your iPhone background, click the below image to save.