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The Ladyfolk Fall Bucket List

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Fall Bucket List.JPG

Changing seasons bring on the inspiration for me. As you can tell from all my recent fall content. It inspires me to try something new, embrace a seasonal color palette, revel in the weather, let go of the old and make room for the new. Here at Ladyfolk Studio we are all about incorporating beauty and creativity into everyday and a seasonal bucket list is one way to do just that.

You can make your own list of what will inspire you and what you would like to accomplish this fall season or pick and choose a few from my fall bucket list below.

  1. Visit a pumpkin patch.

  2. Have a bonfire and roast smores.

  3. Run through a corn maze.

  4. Carve the perfect pumpkin.

  5. Make a fall wreath.

  6. Bake cookies.

  7. Go for a long hike.

  8. Visit an Oktoberfest with friends.

  9. Go apple picking.

  10. Visit a haunted house.

  11. Knit a fall scarf.

  12. Host a movie night to watch the Shining.

  13. Bake pumpkin muffins.

  14. Get a pumpkin spice latte and visit the library.

  15. Make mulled wine.

Very Ladyfolk Halloween Costume Ideas

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Who here LOVES Halloween?!!

I DO! It’s such a creative holiday when we are required to call upon our imagination, in particular to think of the best. costume. ever!

I am still brainstorming my Halloween costume but thought I would share some inspiration I had. Above is the fashion sketch I did of some costume ideas for besties and below I put together costumes based on my sketch. Everything for these costumes is from Amazon so if you are in a pinch at the last minute I am all about that prime two day shipping! (All shopping links are below)


Outfit details are below, keep in mind you can always add a jacket and tights if it’s chilly!

Ladylike Pig

pig hat, pink dress, pink pointy toe ballet flats, pig tail

Sporty Panda

panda hat, baseball tee dress, vans shoes, black tail

Sexy Bunny

bunny hat, white dress, heels, bunny tail

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10 Things to LOVE about Fall!

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Ladyfolk-Studio-10 things we love about fall-2.JPG

Here at Ladyfolk Studio, the fall is a very special season.

It all starts with the shift to cooler weather in October. Followed by my dating anniversary with my husband October 11th, then my birthday October 20th and then Halloween! I mean what is not to LOVE about all that! A few other things I love about Fall…

  1. Candy corn and Pumpkin flavored everything!

  2. Lighting candles all over the house.

  3. Decorated front door stoops.

  4. Red lipstick and dark nail polish.

  5. Halloween movies every night in October.

  6. Rainy days and hygge.

  7. Pumpkin Patch visits to take fall photos and pick the perfect pumpkin.

  8. Cozy Sweaters and beanies.

  9. Hot chocolate or apple cider.

  10. Soups and crockpot dinners.

Combine a few of the things we love about fall for the perfect fall day or night. For example, drink (9) hot apple cider in a (8) cozy sweater while watching (5) Halloween movies. Another two, (3) decorate your front door stoop while eating (4) candy corn or visit a (7) pumpkin patch and come home to (10) seasonal soup for dinner.

What do you LOVE about the fall season? Please share in the comments!

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Tips for soaking up the end of summer + NEW casetify!

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Ladyfolk Studio coconuts iphone case, Laguna Beach, CA

Happy Monday! I still can't believe it's August already, can you? Summer is just flying by!

It has been a little slow around the studio lately and I can only attribute that to everyone out and about enjoying their summer. So instead of allowing this to make me anxious, I have decided to use this time as my own time to soak in the remainder of summer. What follows are the ways I plan on doing so. Try the flollowing out if you too find yourself with some down time...

LadyfolkStudio Laguna Beach, CA


I always love sketching and journaling but feel since art school I have really slowed down on doing this things for fun. So now that I have some down time this month I plan on spending time each day to explore in my art journal. You can do this too! You do not have to be an artist. Grab any journal or sketchbook, something to add some color like paint or markers, and something to collage with i.e. magazines or postcards and have fun! I will be sharing more behind the scenes of art journaling on my instagram.


I don't know about you, but I always end up re-reading books I have in my own personal library but I think it is time to pick up something new!

Since I am on an artist budget I have decided to go the library to pick up some new books to read and I am actually really looking forward to it. There is something SO nostalgic about the library. it can also be a nice motivation to get some work or reading done in a quiet place. Plus, it's also a great reminder to continue to learn. I will be sharing what I pick up at the library later this week in my new monthly book club post, so stay tuned!

The library is also a great place to retreat from the heat at the end of summer with the kiddos! You can even pick up an audio book or dvdv plus there a re a tone of online resources available nowadays. If you live in Orange County I highly suggest the Newport Beach Public Library.

end of summer reading


A common thing among us all, too much time on our phones.

I have been really trying to be aware of this lately by replacing screen time with other things, see above i.e. reading, getting outside, journaling. Maybe try setting a end-of-summer goal for yourself. Like turning off your phone one day a week? or turning it off at night when you go to bed?

One way to help you reach your goal is to set a reward for yourself once you achieved this new habit. Maybe something like a new phone case would be appropriate? ; ) I actually love the leather iPhone case below that folds over the screen for the purpose of not always looking at my screen for notifications. Which iPhone case in my new end-of-summer Casetify collection would you pick?



The main point of this is just to get outside to soak up the rest of summer but....with the weather so hot here in the O.C. I added "in the morning." Not only is this a great way to start your day, if you have pets this will keep them cool too. Mr.Bailey and me have been doing walks by the beach atleast a few times a week in the morning. Some other ideas include having your coffee or breakfast outside, going for a walk around your neighborhood with a good podcast in your ears or on the weekend have a brunch picnic with friends or family before noon.

Hope all you ladyfolk enjoy the rest of this season! Tell me in the comments... What is something you are looking forward to enjoying before the end of summer?