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The Story behind Ladyfolk Studio

Kimberly HeimbachComment

Some of you might already be familiar with Ladyfolk Studio, as it really is just a refresh on my previous brand/studio K.Mala Studio. So let's talk about how this came to be...

When I attended college at Laguna college of Art and Design, I launched what would be my first business K.Mala Collection in 2008. The collection was a line of hand-painted and embellished shirts with original hand painted by me. I ran this business for two years and created 4 collections that were sold online and at a boutique in LA called Intuition. It was a great time and a very busy time in my life, marked by accomplishments with celebs like Audrina Partridge, Paris Hilton and Annalynne McCord spotted in K.Mala Collection.

Fast forward many tiresome nights later, I realized I couldn't go on running a clothing business as a single entity. I decided to re-focus my business solely on freelance illustration work and in-house design jobs, which is exactly what I went to school for, not fashion. Although fashion was such a big part of my life, I did decide to continue with the fashion illustrations and design work for the fashion industry. This would become my business side business which eventually went full-time as K.Mala Studio.

Now almost 10 years later since my first business I have decided to refresh again with a whole new name this time, Ladyfolk Studio.

Although many of you know me as "K.Mala" I have recently been feeling a lack of connection and direction with the studio. In particular the "K.Mala" part. Originally, K.Mala was my way of incorporating my ridiculously long name "Kimberly Malachowski" into my signature t-shirt collection. Now K.Mala has served it's purpose, and I am retiring it along with my last name Malachowski. Marriage will do that to you. 

Thanks to my recent marriage (3/11/17) I have been evaluating all my future goals. Where do I see myself, family and my business in the next 5-10 years?

So, what is Ladyfolk Studio all about and my future plans you ask?

Let me show you! Follow the blog and instagram this week to get an inside look and learn more about the new Ladyfolk Studio.