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Freebie! April Watercolor Desktop Background

ArtKimberly HeimbachComment

Happy April! My motto this month and pretty much every month...

Find beauty in the everyday.

Download the new desktop background inspiration for April by clicking and saving the image above. Make an effort every day this month to find something beautiful. It can be as simple as a flower blooming, making a handmade card or a hike to a view.

This month I will be introducing my new brand Ladyfolk Studio and sharing something beautiful with you every week. This week I will be sharing my bridal shower at the gorgeous The Ranch in Laguna Beach, a how-to guide for hanging an eclectic gallery wall in your space and on Friday weekend rituals you should indulge in. 

Share your pics on how you find beauty in the everyday on instagram and tag @ladyfolkstudio I would love to see what you find!