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A Cinco De Mayo D.I.Y. Project!

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Cinco de Mayo, although one of the smaller holidays celebrated in Mexico, it is a huge celebration in the states for Mexican culture and heritage. In America this holiday has become synonymous with Margaritas, tacos and party sombreros!

History lesson for today: Cinco de Mayo officially celebrates the date of the Mexican army’s 1862 victory over France at the Battle of Puebla during the Franco-Mexican War (1861-1867). 

A few weeks back I was commissioned to create a fun taco bar sign and fiesta welcome sign for a one-year-old's birthday. I was only asked to paint the watercolor sign but if you know me I had to take it a step further. You see I had all these fun poms poms in the studio just begging to get used!

This is a really easy Cinco de Mayo themed DIY project you can put together yourself or with the help of your kids. You only need a few items that can be easily ordered on Amazon. Side note: Anyone else an avid amazon prime member? Literally the best. thing. ever. If I come with a project idea it's so great that I can order the items and get them the next day. I usually throw a few other add-on items too, like dog food for Mr.Bailey or this blueberry coffee I wanted to try. Below are the items you will need to complete this project; pom poms, glue gun (I want this cordless one now!), glue sticks and a couple frames.

This DIY Cinco de Mayo project is so easy it doesn't even need more than 3 steps! Basically just prep your work area, pre-heat your glue gun, cover the art in your frame and get gluing those pom poms. See below for more tips and a video!

Cinco de Mayo D.I.Y. Project Steps

  1. Prep your work area, I used a masonite board to work on but it could just be a your kitchen table covered by newspaper just make sure you have a non-melting surface to pre-heat the glue gun on.
  2. Cover the art opening of your frame. I had an extra clear plastic cover on mine which you can't see in the video but make sure you don't miss this step. This is incase any glue happens to get on your artwork you can just remove the extra cover. You could use pretty much anything to protect the opening, foil or paper would work too.
  3. Keep all your pom poms near by and act quickly to glue them. It doesn't require much glue to stick to the frame, basically just one dot per pom pom. I suggest putting the glue on the frame not the pom pom, then press the pom into the frame to secure and hold for a second.

Taco 'bout cute!

Love how adorable my sign came out for the photos at this one year old's birthday fiesta!


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The birthday fiesta turned out so cute, LOVE the cake the one year old's mom made so I had to share! I also painted a custom watercolor welcome sign you can see below for the fiesta theme. If you are interested in custom signage for your party I offer a variety of items in the shop or you can contact me here for a custom request.


Hope this Cinco de Mayo D.I.Y. and fiesta theme inspired you to get creative and have a taco or two! So tell me, what are your fiesta plans for Cinco de Mayo? Share in the comments!