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Celebrating International Women's Month

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Ladyfolk Studio artist in Laguna Canyon

I'm so excited to share my feature on Mighty Tea's blog this month for International Women's day/month! A time I am sure to celebrate, especially as a lady running her own business while encouraging other women to pursue their dreams and creativity.

I (Ladyfolk Studio) was named one of "Six Women Entrpreneurs to Inspire You This International Women’s Month." You can also read the interview from my feature below...

Succulent and cactus Watercolor art by Ladyfolk Studio
The name of my business is Ladyfolk Studio. I have been working for myself for the past three years along with teaching part time at an art college (@lcadbfa).

What makes me mighty inside is my persistence. With art and business I think it really is key to continue to pursue what makes you happy and to continue to grow.

I strive to make the world a more beautiful place through my art, community and sharing my knowledge through teaching. I hope to inspire others to be more creative, kind and to find the beauty in the everyday.

This advice applies to artist and entrepreneurs wanting to start their own business, and it is don’t be afraid to fail. As a creative entrepreneur there are alot of ideas I want to try. Some end up more successful than others but I wouldn’t know unless I tried! Allowing for room for experimentation makes space for new ideas and growth. Also not being afraid to ask; for advice, a job, or a company about collaborating. I have been pleasantly surprised how much opportunity I have been given simply by asking.

My favorite kind of tea is green tea. I especially love the tropical green tea and adding frozen pineapple chucks to make it iced on these hot Laguna Beach days.