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New in the Shop! Unique Small Art for your Gallery Wall

Art, In the StudioKimberly HeimbachComment

I'm always looking for a fresh perspective.

Updating my gallery wall is one way I keep my studio rotating with new ideas. You can read my previous post How-to-Style an Eclectic Art Gallery Wall for more ideas about hanging and styling a gallery wall. This post is more about the art!

I am looking forward to refreshing my gallery wall and have added a few more original pieces to the "small art" section of the shop. For more details continue to read this post or click on the product links at the end of this post to see more.



Cheers witches, Happy Halloween!

In the StudioKimberly HeimbachComment

Cheers witches, Happy Halloween!

What fun plans do you have? What are you dressing up as? This year I am keeping Halloween low key with my husband at home. My plans are to make a delicious stew, carve pumpkins, roast pumpkin seeds and watch a semi-scary movie all while wearing my lace cat ears.

Magical unicorn costume inspiration I painted below inspired by StyledbyKasey.